A Handbook for Dog Walkers / Tomáš Werner
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Afterword by Elliot Erwitt
150 x 185mm
72 pages
Hardback with foil blocking
ISBN 978-1-910401-02-6

‘It's about a small dog called Q that I met when I was in between 'real' jobs. It didn't take long before I started photographing him, often placing him on various kinds of pedestals. Q would be always eager to pose, it almost seemed like he was waiting to be photographed.’

A Handbook for Dog Walkers by Tomáš Werner is selected from a series of photographs of a small dog called ‘Q’ taken in Miami over a period of two months last autumn.

Werner uses the fading elegance of Art Deco Miami as his ready-made, outdoor studio. The only prop, the tiny dog ‘Q’, is perched atop of fountains, pipes, letterboxes, sculptures and plinths. The backdrops are varied but the stylised painted buildings and the consistent Florida sun add a uniformity to the images, which become a typological study of the smaller details Floridian architecture and urban environment.

The dog has been portrayed in art for thousands of years from cave paintings to Roman statues, Francisco Goya, George Stubbs, Claude Monet, David Hockney and William Wegmen. Werner’s project is a playful extension of this tradition. A symbol of fidelity, a companion and a prized possession, in these photographs ‘Q’ is placed on pedestal after pedestal. ‘Q’ plays his part –always trusting and following Werner’s direction, standing still and waiting for the photograph to be taken, on Werner’s Iphone.